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With the largest form-factor and power capacity, these modules deliver high-performance service applications.It also shows the number of EHWICs and SMs that are supported in the router slots at any time.Internal Services Modules (ISM) supersede advanced integration modules (AIM) on Cisco 2900 series and Cisco 3900 series ISRs.Table 1-9 Cisco 2900 Series and Cisco 3900 Series Field Replaceable Unit Power Options.Figure 1-11 Back Panel Slots and Connectors for Cisco 3925 and 3945 (SPE 100 and SPE 150).Get Fast Service & Low Prices on C2951-VSEC/K9 Cisco Systems 2951 Voice Security Bundle PVDM3-32 UC & Sec License Pak and Much More at PROVANTAGE.

High-Density Packet Voice Digital Signal Processor Module

Cisco Security Manager VPN encryption Cisco IOS Firewall Cisco IOS Zone-Based Firewall Cisco IOS IPS Cisco IOS Content Filtering AAA DES 3DES AES.Due to these physical differences, the AIM does not fit into the ISM slot and is no longer supported on Cisco 2900 series and Cisco 3900 series ISRs.For LED troubleshooting information, including possible trouble causes and corrective actions, see Table 1-13.Core 4 Solutions has the CISCO CISCO2951/K9 in stock. Refurbished CISCO CISCO2951/K9 CISCO 2951 ROUTER W 3 GE,. Expansion Slot Type: PVDM.

When legacy CF is inserted, the following error message appears.Router Cisco 2921 Security Bundle With SEC license PAK • 3 WAN Port Gigabit, 1 SFP mini-GBIC Port, 4 EHWIC Slots, 3 PVDM Slots, Ram 512MB, Flash Memory 256MB, IOS.The GE RJ-45 copper interface ports support 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, and 1000BASE-T.Figure 1-17 shows the location of the labels on the Cisco 2921 and Cisco 2951 routers.For additional information on the UDI or how to obtain a PAK, see the Cisco Software Activation on Integrated Services Routers document at Cisco.com.

Figure 1-15 shows the location of the labels on the Cisco 2901 router.

High-Density Packet Voice Video Digital Signal Processor

All power supplies are field replaceable and externally accessible with the exception of the Cisco 2901 ISR.The Packet Voice Data Modules (PVDM3s) are the latest generation of PVDMs.

C2951-VSEC-CUBE/K9 CISCO 2951 Integrated Services Router

Default VLP RDIMM memory modules—Two 512-MB modules for a maximum of 1 GB.Table 1-12 Interface Numbering on Cisco 2911, 2921, 2951 ISRs and Cisco 3900 ISRs.Only Advanced Capability CompactFlash (CF) purchased from Cisco operates in Cisco 2900 series and Cisco 3900 series ISRs.For descriptions of LEDs in removable modules and interface cards, see the applicable documentation for those products.The Cisco 2951 Integrated Services Router (ISR). (use of a double-wide EHWIC slot will consume two EHWIC slots): 2; ISM Slots: 1; Onboard DSP (PVDM) Slots: 3.See the Installing Cisco Network Modules in Cisco Access Routers guide for installation instructions.Note Cisco 3925E and Cisco 3945E routers have four RJ-45 connectors that support Gigabit Ethernet networks.

Service Module slots support the installation of legacy network modules and extended voice modules (EVMs) with an appropriate adapter.The Cisco 2900 and Cisco 3900 series routers have a lithium battery.Buy cheapest Cisco Cisco 2951 Router - 3 Ports - 13 Slots. We provide complete peace of mind on CISCO2951/K9 through a 90 day. Expansion Slot Type: PVDM.

Note On the Cisco 2911, 2921, 2951 routers and Cisco 3900 series routers the interface numbering scheme is the same for asynchronous interfaces as for other types of interfaces.Cisco 2951 Integrated Service Router - 3 Ports - Management Port. Expansion Slot Type: SFP, Line Card, HWIC, PVDM Network & Communication: Network Technology.

This section contains views of the front and back panels of the Cisco 2900 series and Cisco 3900 series routers, showing locations of the power and signal interfaces, module slots, status indicators, and chassis identification labels.Table 1-4 summarizes the interface ports built into the router chassis.See the router product page at Cisco.com for a list of supported modules.Built into a service or network module (NME, NME-X, NMD, NME-XD).

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Replace the battery only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the manufacturer.