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This has been fixed. (Note Interactive SQL will show the data.).The partition number is omitted but instead the WITH SAMPLING clause is used.A distinct order-by query in a non-binary sortorder server may return too few rows.

Backupserver might delete shared memory with id 0 when dump command fails.An UPDATE may incorrectly set varchar column to NULL value instead of a single space.Connection time averages for LDAPUA are printed under traceflag(3637) instead of (3635).New feature request to set a maximum wait time limit to SHUTDOWN.Usage of local variables in execute immediate may sometimes not work as expected for varchar and char variables: result of expressions involving local variables may be trunacted.The -I switch for srvbuild, srvbuildres and sqlloc on Unix platforms does not work and the interfaces file in the default location is always used.

New features within ASE 15.0.2 require that we modify system catalogs.

Queries with materialized view may use more worktables in ASE 12.5 release than in previous releases.ASE will allow modulo arithmetic on floating point and numeric values.This option has only effect on informational warnings, error messages when necessary are still being raised.A batch inserting data to the table which has a default referencing global variable may fail if there are some other global variables referenced in the same batch.

Loc-Line 1/2" Flat Slot 125 Nozzle Customers also shopped for. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. This shopping feature will continue to load items. In order.No recovery of this situation was possible, other than killing the process and restarting the server.A new column ErrorStatus has been added to monSysStatement, indicating the error status upon completion of statement execution.ASE does not shut down XP Server during a shutdown with nowait.Insert into index with large number of rows of duplicated index key value could fail due to incorrect split schema.For table with APL clustered index, sometimes a table scan is incorrectly reported as an index scan in diagnostics (such as showplan) when there is some predicate on the index column but not on the leading column(s).Launch Sybase Infomaker installer directly, rather than distribute the Infomaker installer as a zip file that requires the user to unzip and install it separately.

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Feature request for a way to determine when a locked login became locked.Server status was checked periodically even though user unchecked the plug-in setting.DBCC checkalloc may report transient 2529, 7989 and 2540 errors after DBCC checkcatalog(, fixall) has been used to correct Sysindexes descrepancies.This procdure lists all the sessions that are being traced, the sessions tracing them and the names of the tracefile.This occurs when the column name is edited and the definition is then saved.The process and locks folders has been modified to identify normal, blocked, and blocking processes via color codes (green, red, and yellow) respectively.

Narendra Modi to make his first Kerala visit as PM amid row over snub to CM Oommen Chandy - The Prime Minister will inaugurate the Combined Tri services commanders.New feature to allow mounting databases from external files using different names to the ones stored in the manifest file.When the jconnect and ctlib send a varchar longer than 255 bytes,in some cases it could cause stacktrace in memalloc() with 702 error since it requests 2147483647 bytes memory.

Implement runtime compilation for stored procedure statements referencing variables or temporary tables.For heavily loaded systems it may be a reason for sysprocedures contention.This was due to a double costing of the page cluster ratio, in addition to the sparseness of rows in the extent.Previously ASE Plug-in did not select a server after connecting to the server.There is an consistany while printing server name in some of error messages.Passing a switch-name or -number to the switchprop() builtin will return a status which contains the switch properties.U3A12E: HP 3y Nbd DL16x ProCare Service,ProLiant DL16x,3yr Proactive Care Svc Next bus day HW supp w9x5 coverage.SW supp 24x7, Std 2hr remote Resp. Incl Proactive.