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This pays 1:1 on a winning hand regardless of the dealer qualiying.Works great if you start with about a 10K bankroll or get REAL lucky.I have been playing basic strategy for this game for about 3 years now.Are the calculations based on heads up odds vs random dealer hand for the 4x bet only.Just fold it, since the dealer just needs a flush card, or any higher pair card, or even the same pair with a better kicker.They were the place that shushed us for discussing our hands.How to get an edge by sharing card information with the table.On the flop, people check pairs, waiting to just call on the river.The 2-for-1 prime rib is a great deal, and the mini-pizzas are really good.

Casinos need to tell their dealers to shut the hell up unless the player is actively speaking to them.Discovered this game at the Aria (MGM property)Really loved this game.I play the pre-flop strategy religiously, and the flop and river abbreviated strategy.I was betting it but seldom because I was trying to save chips and was already dejected by my cash game result.Totally life changing for a person of my lifestyle, I will probably never play the game again (leaving at the top) but I wanted to truly thank you for the excellent math you provided.In anycase, thanks again for the help, and maybe we can plan an outing one time.A respected advantage play author has recommended the following flop bet strategy: (preflop strategy is the same as you recommend) also, this assumes that the preflop strategy is followed exactly.I was able to stay for free during CES earlier this year and i have already booked a room for free during CES for 2012.

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In the last two years I have played a LOT of hands and seen very few win real big on trips.Golden Gate downtown has it, and has an almost naked dealer:).Pilarsi explains the rules of Ultimate Texas Hold'em and the basic strategy to use when playing the. Deal Me In: Ultimate Hold'em 101. Las Vegas shows you that.I am going to Vegas tomorrow and will be there for the entirety of the WSOP, and I would really love to play a winning pit game (other than counting at BJ which I already do) when I need to take a break from the cash games and tourneys.This Ultimate Texas Hold ’em card contains the optimal strategy for the game,. the premier publisher of books on gambling and Las Vegas.BTW, I went to Ameristar against yesterday and the payoff for trips is definitely less, only 7:1 for FH, 6:1 for Flush, and 5:1 for Straight.

Of probably 20 or so people I played with, I was the only one using this strategy.Machines replace real people to save money, even if the dealers are perfect.Take a look at my simple collusion strategy modifications to learn how to use neighbor card info.

The jack of hearts of came out on the river and i got my Royal Flush.The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas delivers unmatched Las Vegas gambling options,. Casino Overview. Ultimate Texas Hold’Em and more!.Please have glossary that let newbies know what you are talking about.I flipped my cards to the dealer which she grabbed before they went into the rack.I have practiced and practiced on this site and others and have a pretty good idea whats going on.Dealers were fun, particularly at Silverton and South Point (where UTH is apparently very new).

PH that I cancelled my credit line and asked to be taken off the mailing list.I always found it difficult to gamble but I found this game two weeks ago and played it twice and really enjoyed it.By bets I assume you are referring to the size of your ante bet.Love this game, but usually lose until last September after reading up on the strategy.Rather interesting in that K2suited is the worst 4x raise, but in TH 10-9suited and J9offsuit rank better.Of course that only happens some of the time, and its up to you to find out (if you want an edge).

Was on the NCL Epic where I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had UTH and had the 98% return trips bet paytable.Since they now deal the board first, I noticed that half the dealers were pulling the five cards in one direction and half were pulling them in the other direction creating inconsistent flops from dealer to dealer.The local casinos are definitely better than the Strip casinos for comps and player rewards.I agree this site is awesome with wizard of ods by far this is the best game in the casino, especially with these resources.I like to practice on your simulator but the odds are set different than what I have to play.

Get exclusive promotion and unmatched bonus on your favorite table games only at Slots of Vegas Casino. Play Online Texas Hold 'Em Bonus Poker and get $555 Free!.This is a casino game, so walking out even or slightly down is a good thing.I was on another forum that I can not find now but on that forum they said they were getting duplicate starting cards on the Video version of UTH at Binions.2+2 Communities Other Other Topics The Lounge EDF Las Vegas Lifestyle BBV4Life House of Blogs. My road to beating ultimate texas holdem.But to answer your question dealers are often clueless, not all but a lot of them are and I do not have to tip the hot ladies on the screen.I saw so many players with great cards waiting for the river.It would seem that your only decision point is whether to make the play bet 4x pre-flop, 2x post-flop, 1x river.I won 3 of 4 sessions I played unfortunately I barely broke even because the 1 loss was big.

Ever since they laid off nearly half their dealers last year, the remaining dealers seem very jaded and rude.The following example shows you should still call with deuces against a gutshot board.

What was especially nice was no raising of rent by the house.For that reason, I prefer first base if its open just so my cards never change.

They leave after a few bad beats, then they come back if they see or hear someone winning.I had cleaned it out prior to playing by eating at Noodles, in Bellagio, prior to that session, so I assume I was at zero express comp dollars at the time I started at MGM.Hi, love your site and it informative, just start to play UTH and use strategy on this site.Just to piss them off I try to grab my entire stack and head to the cashier without coloring up. Heh heh.

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Now there really in a reason for me to go to Viejas, other than the buster Blackjack bet.